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Plastic square reagent bottles for chemical

Our plastic chemical square reagent bottles are suitable for liquid, experiment packaging.

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Product Details

Plastic square reagent bottles for chemical.jpg

Plastic square reagent bottles.jpg

Plastic square reagent bottle for chemical

Product description:

1.capacity: our reagent bottles are available in different size: 100ml/60ml/50ml/30mlreagent bottle

2.Shape: square shape reagent bottle

3.Material: LDPE/ HDPE/ PP

4.Sterilization: EO sterilized plastic reagent bottles

5.Industrial use:laboratory reagent bottle for chemical reagent

6.Type: plastic reagent bottle and chemical reagent bottle

7.Sealing type: our reagent bottles with screw cap

8.Color: bottles:white,milky white,brown,blue,caps;white,milky white,blue, any color according to your requirement

9.Fabric method: injection blowing molding, good sealing and small deviation

10.Property: no leakage, non-toxic, light, good appearance

11. Reagent bottle range:

Tokyo,Fully,Woko,Konelab,Erba,Abbott,Beckmann,ATAC,Roche,Dupont, Urit, Sinowa and others.




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