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Reagent Bottles Used For Hitachi

Reagent Bottles Used For Hitachi

reagent bottles used for Hitachi

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Product Details

Hitachi Reagent Bottles - 09_副本2

Hitachi Reagent Bottles - 10_副本2

Hitachi Reagent Bottles - 13_副本2

Name of Products: Reagent Bottles for Hitachi

Volum: 70 & 20ml

Material: HDPE for Bottles, PP for Caps

Why choose us?

    We have a wide range of products' line, From Reagent Case to Normal Chemical Bottles. And for 30 years, we insist to use the best raw material, and also put our quality control at the first place. That's why we could stay at the top of heap in the Medical & Chemical Package indrustry in China.


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