Professional  Manufactory  of  Reagent  Bottles
                      Since  year  1986

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*Enterprise core value

Product quality is our life, Customers' satisfaction is our aim.

*Enterprise mission

As is known to all, packaging is the last step of the quality guarantee of food, drug, daily chemical products and other goods.Kang-jia enterprise are always regarding quality control as its objective and ensure product quality is in conformity with Chinese or international standards.

*Enterprise vision

To be professional production base of wash-free reagent bottles and Drug packaging all over the world.We aim to be in line with the needs of human health and rely on sustaining innovative technology to help customers achieve quality control and value enhancement.

*Enterprise culture

Kang-jia enterprise advocates the cultural concept of unity, honesty and diligence,and Organizes all kinds of training, study and discussion activities regularly.Company attaches importance to talents and adopt humanized management. Its welfare policy tend to provide for staff of R & D, sales, service.