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What Kind Of Reagent Bottle Is Practical?
- Aug 28, 2017 -

    The material of reagent bottles can be devived into glass and plastic, and there main analyze is about plastic reagent bottles. There are two reasons for selecting plastic reagent bottles, one is glass bottles which reacting with reagent, like that hydrofluoric acid can dissolve glass, so it can only use plastic reagent bottles. Another is according to the comparision after using, plastic reagent bottles are more suitable. 

    First, special design for bottleneck with lid spin off industry, no inner pad to prevent liquid leakage.

    Second, Sterile, which can keep reagent and reagent bottles for a long storage.

    Third, plastic reagent bottles can be stored in the cold environment for a long time with out craze.

    Fourth, plastic reagent bottles can be customization and meet the individual demand, which can do security identification, distinguish homogenization product and promote brand.

    Fifth, plastic reagent bottles with exectllent chemical resistant to guarantee sterilization.

Sixth, diagnostic reagent bottles can be used in packaging of ordinary water machine solution.