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Unexpected Usage Of Wild-mouth Bottle
- Aug 03, 2017 -

Unexpected usage of wild-mouth bottle

In addition to the usual packing solid medicine and health care products, wild-mouth bottle has new and unexpected application at present.The British Daily Mail published a story about a pet cat foisted into a wild-mouth bottle,its owner took pictures online.This kind of fanaticism seems to be more and more popular.In Japan, cats are kept in bottles and treated as bonsai, which are bonsai cats It was so sad for me to see  this act of cruelty.I can't imagine those people  who put cats into wide-mouth bottles and  other bottles with what kind of mood.They ignore cat is a life with mind and keep people company.Just because the cat's body is soft, can we do that? The soft body has become a disaster. After all, it is the selfishness to satisfy people's desire for new things.

However,wide mouth bottle that brings convenience to our lives has become a passive accomplice.Human beings are constantly researching and producing all kinds of beautiful and practical wide mouth bottles in order to bring the convenience and pleasure of human life.The way of doing that tarnished the nature of the product, as well as the painstaking effort of development, research and production people.