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Transparent Plastic Bottles
- May 08, 2018 -

Transparent plastic bottle is a plastic container with transparent white color formed by blow molding. 

The raw material of the transparent plastic bottle is a special material of polyester. Bottle billets are formed by injection molding. Then, a transparent plastic bottle is formed by blow molding under specific pressure and temperature conditions. 

Plastic bottles have two material, they are PET and PP. PET is hard, tough, high strength, glossy and non-toxic. PP is soft, good toughness, non-toxic and high temperature resistance.It is often made into food utensils or other high temperature resistant products, but its plasticity is poor, its surface gloss is not good, and the color will be lighter during processing.It is suitable for making disposable plastic bottles.

Transparent packaging is divided into fully transparent packaging and partially transparent packaging.Through transparent plastic bottles, you can display the information of the products, so that customers can choose them.