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Those Labeling Of Plastic Bottle Body
- Oct 28, 2016 -

The majority at the bottom of the plastic bottle with convex bottom or flat-bottom double-rounded structure, because the Central convex at the end of the bottom of the bottle to bottle raised, forming an arch cave, can increase the body's ability to withstand internal pressure and guarantee the stability of plastic bottle factory bottles. Injection blow molding also can avoid the plastic collapse and make the bottom thickness uniformity, and the bottom of the double round-shaped with flat structure used mostly by large volumes of plastic bottles, which can better withstand pressure from inside the bottle.

Injection blow molding for the shape and size of the development trend of small and medium sized plastic neck of the thread at the original trapezoidal thread (single head) to semi-long development of fine threads. This bottle thread is mainly in the form of good matching with caps, for pharmaceutical packaging moisture barrier performance depends in large part on bottle caps fit close, here is a reflection of the bottle seal performance are the main parts. Bottle combined with flap size is an important prerequisite for moisture resistance of steam, and whether the screwing tight is the key to moisture effect. To ensure drug safety, first of all to improve the sealing bottle parts, increase the moisture effect.