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The Importance Of Medicine Packing Moistureproof
- Mar 14, 2018 -

Now people use the packaging everywhere, in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging is particularly important, and the packaging of the tightness against moisture is particularly important. The quality of the packaging has a direct impact on the quality of the drug. It is understood that the sealed moisture-proof is the most fundamental and important function of any package, which can ensure that the goods are effectively moisture-proof and cut off from the air.

And sealed moisture-proof medicine bottle plays an important role in the commodity. Such as in recent years, plastic packaging and plastic packaging products on the market share is more and more big, the composite plastic flexible packaging, in particular, has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, etc. Now there are also some products in the market to prevent children from eating safety bottles. These safety bottle in production how production of humanized design, according to understand these bottles in production has the characteristics of the 1, anti-theft ring the bottle neck of no bottle clasp, moistureproof cover tight security ring will stuck, then opens, guard against theft ring off automatically. 2. Adopt dual material system and innovative shaping design, do not need aluminum foil gasket seal, completely guarantee product seal, strictly control water vapor transmission effect. 3. Multi-functional desiccant cover can maximize packaging efficiency and provide one-piece solution. And the patent packaging bottle cap is a kind of multi-in-one solution, in the bottle cap to incorporate a variety of functions, do not need to separate the desiccant into the packaging system. With the corresponding bottle body collocation collocation, have the anti-counterfeiting and sealing protection function that accords with USP.

In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging plays a role in protecting drugs, facilitating transportation and promoting sales. Pharmaceutical packaging is the first step to ensure the safe transportation of drugs. It is also a highly valued part of the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical packaging and security are increasingly concerned by enterprises. Therefore, enterprises need to keep abreast with The Times, innovate research and development, and launch products suitable for market demand.