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The Expansibility Of Medical Packaging
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Nowadays, all industries are actively integrating into the trend of informatization.For medical bottles,in addition to ensuring safe material and humanized design,informatization can also help improve the shortage of pharmaceutical bottles.These will give it more possibilities.

Firstly,there is more space for development of medicine bottles in information traceability.Traditional bottles can only convey information to patients through labels.Besides labels, it is difficult for patients to know more useful information.Now, by means of QR code, drugs can be linked to the Internet.In this way,consumers will be able to get more information.

Secondly,medical bottles can also have monitoring functions.By adding chips into the body of the bottle,some key information can be read through bottle.In this way, the patient doesn't have to go back to the hospital frequently.

In the future,informatization will greatly enhance the functions of medicine bottles.