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The Characteristics Of PET Bottle
- Mar 14, 2018 -
Now the current pharmaceutical packaging industry, texture feature is also a variety of plastic PET bottles (PET) is one of the most mainstream medicine packaging container, it is mainly used for high-end pharmaceutical packaging bottles, health care products packaging bottles, oral liquid bottles, pharmaceutical packaging bottles with shading requirements. Pet bottles have many advantages.

First of all, the polyester bottle is light, easy to form and firm. The strength and elasticity is obviously higher than other plastic materials, which can withstand considerable impact without damage, and is best suited for the packaging bottles with thin wall, light weight and high strength. PET bottles have been the world's most important liquid and solid packaging container in just over two decades. In the application of drug packaging, the weight of the PET bottle is only about 1/10 of the glass bottle when the filling volume is the same. In the same diameter, the PET bottle has 1.5 times the capacity of the glass bottle. Use PET material to make a bottle of transparent or opaque brown. Secondly, medicinal PET bottles have good gas barrier properties.

In the commonly used plastic materials, the PET bottle can obstruct the water vapor and oxygen, and fully meet the special storage requirements of drug packaging. Polyester bottle package has excellent chemical resistance and does not produce harmful gases, and adopted, including the u.s., Europe and Japan, a strict inspection of food hygiene law, is considered to be a qualified and safe medicine and food packaging materials.