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Technical Requirements And Use Of Plastic Reagent Bottles
- Apr 20, 2018 -

Most mainstream adopted polypropylene material is given priority to, the transparency of cap is better than the transparency of the bottle, and can add pigment, production with color or shading of the reagent bottle bottle and cap. The sealing is good, the bottle cap and the bottle body have used the interference fit the design, guarantees in the case without the gasket, achieves the good sealing effect. Plastic reagent bottles are used to test reagents (in vitro diagnostic reagents) and other liquid packaging. The reagent bottle can also be used for the packaging of tablets and capsules. Small mouth reagent bottle for liquid packaging; It can also be used in the packaging of flower leaf surface fertilizer.

The plastic reagent bottle can be used in the packaging of ordinary water agent solution, suitable for the liquid packaging with a PH value of 5.5-9.0. It is not suitable for the liquid with strong oxidizing, strong acid and alkaline, and it is not suitable for the reducing liquid. It can be stored at zero temperature.

The plastic reagent bottle technology requires the use of the blow cover, the bottle cap is the screw loose cover, the thread is deep, not easy to slip the teeth. The bottle cap fits with the bottle. The mouth of the bottle is flat and cannot be cut. The bottle wall is uniform, not thin, the bottle body is round, and the bottle body is upright and stable, not shaking, not thin.