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Sterile Room Requirements
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Sterile room requirements are as follows:

1.Studios should be short, neat, an area of just 4.2-meter around, 2.2-2.3 meters high, the Interior should be smooth, smooth, no rough or sharp, the walls and roof application of impervious material, ease of cleaning and disinfection.

2.Indoor lighting area, should see the room from outside.

3.In order to ensure the sterile room clean, sterile room need to buffer around the corridors, corridor, next buffer room, its area is smaller than the sterile room.

4.Cleanrooms and buffer, buffer corridor equipped with fluorescent lamps and for the disinfection of air with UV lamp, germicidal UV lamp off the table to 1 meter, the power switch should be located outdoors.

5.Cleanrooms and buffer between imports and exports should be sliding doors, flush doors and Windows and doors sealed tight, two should be staggered to avoid air pollution.