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Solid Plastic Bottles Are Not Recycled What Harm?
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Solid plastic bottle have not to is good of recycling against is very big of, to large of city, tourism regional and water and road on both sides discarded of waste solid plastic bottle will let people looks has is bad of feel, solid plastic bottle of mess lost mess abandoned not only makes city, scenic spots of overall beautiful degrees by effect, is city of image was damage, serious has also will makes people of body health by hurt. Abandoned after the landfill of solid plastic bottle is, it takes a long time to be broken down, and contaminated land, and cause great damage to the natural environment, the solid waste plastic bottles and soil mix, had a great influence on crop growth, agricultural water and nutrient absorption is greatly affected resulting in crop production. Is dropped in the water and on land, waste solid plastic bottle, could easily be swallowed to cause death of animals. These situations are happening all around us.