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Reagent Bottle Structure Characteristics
- Apr 20, 2018 -

The reagent bottle belongs to the bottle, the hardness and transparency of the bottle is better than the high density polyethylene, and the color mother can also be added to produce the brown light plastic bottle and the lid. The product is mainly used to test the packaging of reagent liquid and in vitro diagnostic reagent. The reagent bottle can also be used for the medicine packaging of tablets and capsules, and the small mouth bottle can also be used for liquid packaging. It can be used for packaging of ordinary water agent solution and PH value of 5.5-9.0.

Reagent bottle structure characteristics, the bottle body adopts the injection process, the bottle cap adopts the spinning process. Depth of thread, not easy to slip teeth. The top of bottle cap plug with the bottle mouth, can achieve good tightness. The commonly used reagent bottle specifications are 3ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, which belong to the small mouth reagent bottle, 60ml, 120ml, which belongs to the wide oral reagent bottle, which can contain tablets and capsules. Xinfuda pharmaceutical packaging reagent bottle series products comply with the new oral/external medical polypropylene plastic bottle packaging materials and the container registration certificate quality standard, no gasket seal.