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Product Features Of Reagent Bottle Packaging
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Now we have more kinds of medical and pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer based on the different characteristics of the drug developed all kinds of material specifications of the packaging such as effervescent tablets, cop, such as health care products and reagent bottles of different kinds. The different plastic bottles have different USES for different things. Now we can start with the reagent bottle.

The reagent bottle is divided into wide mouth and fine mouth. Grinding, no grinding, etc. The jar is used for solid reagent and the liquid reagent in the vial. The brown bottle is used to avoid light reagents, and the muzzle stopper can prevent the reagent absorption and concentration changes.

For cheng fang chemical reagent bottles, according to the material divided into glass and plastic, according to the size can be divided into the jar and fine mouth bottle, according to the material can be divided into solid and liquid reagent bottles, jar contains solid, fine mouth bottles of liquid. The inside of the bottle mouth is designed for frosting, keeping seal and preventing leakage of reagent. Most laboratories in the world use reagent bottles made by German companies because the lid is made of blue plastic, also known as the blue lid reagent bottle. Reagent bottle features: 1, special bottle design, spin off technology on cap, no inner pad, prevent leakage of liquid (no inner pad avoid and drug response, the mainstream trend in the pharmaceutical industry) 2, long-term low temperature, cryopreservation, bottle no crack.

For the current production enterprise customers can customize some requirements as required to meet the needs of customers. Reagent bottles, effervescent tablets and other products manufacturers are also improving the quality of products to meet the market.