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Perspex In Addition To Laboratory Supplies Used, What Are The Other Uses?
- Oct 28, 2016 -

More than plexiglass has excellent performance, making it extremely versatile. Except in the wind shield of plane used as a chord out of the window, also used as the jeep's windshield and Windows, large skylights of the building (in case of breaking), television and radar screen, apparatus and equipment enclosures, telecommunication instrument case, the optics on the telescope and camera lenses.

Plexiglass-made daily necessities with a variety, such as Pearlescent buttons made of plexiglass, a variety of toys, lamps are decorative role because of colored plexiglass, and very beautiful.

Perspex in medicine there is a wonderful utility that is an artificial cornea. If the transparent cornea of the human eye is covered with opaque material, light cannot enter the eye. This is total corneal blindness caused by Vitiligo, and the disease cannot be treated with medication.