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Methods And Precautions For The Use Of Reagent Bottles
- Feb 21, 2018 -

The reagent bottle is a special container for various liquids and solid reagents in the laboratory. It has a fine mouth and a wide mouth.

Because the reagent bottle is only used as a normal temperature storage reagent, it is usually made of sodium calcium ordinary glass. In order to ensure a certain strength, the bottle wall is generally thicker. The reagent bottle is divided into fine mouth, wide mouth, and colorless, brown (brown) 2 kinds, with plug and no plug. Among them, glass stopper, no matter fine mouth, wide mouth, all should have inside grind sand treatment craft. The unplug is not to grind the sand, but with a certain specification of non-glass plug, such as rubber, plastic plug, cork, etc. In recent years, various kinds of practical plastic reagent bottles have been sold, making this kind of containers rich and colorful.

The size of the reagent bottle is expressed in volume size, small to 30mL, 60mL, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of milliliters.


(1) when the reagent bottle is not used, slip the slip between the bottle stopper and the top of the bottle to prevent adhesion. As mentioned above, none of the reagent bottles can be used for heating.

(2) according to holding the physical and chemical properties of the reagents needed reagent bottles of the general principle is: dress up solid reagent selection jar, holding liquid reagent - choose fine mouth bottle, all see light is easy to break down, or metamorphic reagent to choose brown bottle, holding low boiling point volatile reagent chooses a frosted glass reagent bottles, holding a alkaline reagent selection with a rubber plug reagent bottles, and so on. If the reagent has the above many physical and chemical indexes, it can be considered according to the above principles, and the appropriate reagent bottle can be used.

(3) some special reagents, such as hydrofluoric acid, can not be used with any glass reagent bottle and choose plastic bottle.

Container class glass apparatus, in addition to the above several, also according to the different requirements of taking the remaining liquid two mouth bottle, three and four bottles, the bottle mouth (also known as the leading bottle), and other various types for selection.