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Lightweight Plastic Bottles At The Same Time Not Ignore Consumer Experience
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Lightweight plastic bottle concept has been talked about for many years in the industry, there are many well-known enterprises do to explore and try. Lightweight mineral water in plastic bottles such as Coca-Cola's ice show. Indeed, the lightweight plastic bottle has a lot of advantages, is a big boost for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Lightweight plastic bottles through a certain process technologies, reduce packaging materials, reducing the weight of plastic bottles. Reduce the weight of packaging of plastic bottles is not only beneficial to the enterprise, and also made a contribution to the environment. Plastic bottles, cans and other packaging containers are more likely to reduce weight, more lightweight packaging goals. When lightweight plastic bottles have been successfully developed, in blowing technology, less material is needed, due to the use of less material, lightweight packaging played a role in protecting the environment.