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Introduction To PET Health Products Bottle
- Jan 26, 2018 -

PET health products packaging bottles with polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as the main raw materials. Polyester raw material is widely used, and it is a linear polymer made of dimethyl terephthalic acid and diol.

PET has excellent mechanical properties and wear resistance at room temperature. Its tensile strength and bending strength are large, but thermal mechanical properties are relatively poor. PET acid (except concentrated sulfuric acid), alkali resistance and tolerance of various organic solvents, low water absorption, good electrical performance.

The PET material itself is non-toxic and transparent. It is mainly used in films, plastic bottles, health products bottles and other hollow containers used in medicine and food packaging. It is especially suitable for drinks containing carbon dioxide in food packaging. In the melting temperature (265 degrees) above a few cooling polyester does not produce crystallization; However, if the amorphous polyester is heated to above 80 degrees, the crystallization will be achieved when the temperature rises to 180 degrees.

PET health food packaging bottles are mainly composed of oral solid capsules and tablets, such as calcium tablets and fish glycerin capsules. Most of the bottles are mainly transparent, and some of the health drugs are black.