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Introduction Of Medicinal Plastic Bottles
- May 16, 2017 -

Medicinal plastic bottles are blow molded plastic bottles, used to package drugs, liquid, solvents, chemical reagents plastic containers.

Medicinal plastic bottles generally use pet material, with, easy to damage, good sealing performance, moisture, health, in line with the special requirements of drug packaging, etc., without cleaning, drying can be directly used for drug packaging, is a good Medicinal packaging containers, widely used in oral solid drugs (such as tablets, capsules, granules, etc.) and oral liquid drugs (such as syrup, tincture agent, etc.) packaging, compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers Plastic bottles have many special places.

1, capacity: due to drug packaging and the particularity of medication, from a few milliliters to 1000 ml or so, mostly round shape, but also a square, oval and other shapes.

2, in order to ensure that the drug is not damp in the period of validity, no deterioration, medicinal plastic bottles should have a good seal and permeability, to prevent light, heat, water vapor, oxygen and other drugs on the impact.

3, the bottle wall and the drug in direct contact with the bottle material must meet the requirements of drug packaging to ensure the safety of drugs.

4, oral solid and liquid medicinal plastic bottles are a class of packaging materials. Without cleaning and sterilization can be used for drug packaging, therefore, the microbial limit has a higher demand, the production environment and production process should meet the requirements of the relevant laws and regulations.

5, the shape of plastic bottles, size, structure, etc. should be adapted to all types of pharmaceutical enterprises filling machine charging requirements, to meet the requirements of high-speed automatic filling machine.


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