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Introduction Of 100ml Plastic Reagent Bottle
- Mar 04, 2018 -

1. The bottle body PP material, the outer cover PP material, has strong anti-pressure, impact and acid and alkaline energy;

2. Design of leakproof port, excellent sealing performance and convenient opening process;

3. The body of the bottle is white or transparent, which makes it easy to observe the contents;

4. Broad mouth and small mouth, transparent color of color, white and light black, 100ml~1000ml of four specifications for selection;

5, PP material with tolerance 20 minutes 121 ℃ high temperature and high pressure steam sterilization, a moderate amount of solution can be low temperature freezing (80 ℃);

6. Adopt imported high-end raw materials. No molding agents are added in the production process to prevent secondary pollution.

7. The bottle is heavy, feels good, and has a nice appearance.


High-temperature jar, 100 ml of pp transparent plastic reagent bottle is physical and chemical containers, drug resistant pipe, biochemistry, industry, medicine, pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, electronic industry and scientific research experiments in the field of necessity, is the preservation and storage of biochemical reagents, biological preparation excellent choice. The appearance is novel, the hand feels good, greatly enhances the appearance and the added value of the packing and the canned product, lets your product package and the international connection, goes to the international market.