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Hematology Bottles ——— ABX (HORIBA) Series
- Dec 26, 2018 -

As We know, IVD industry was blooming nowadays. Apart from those multinationals in this field, More and more small and medium enterprises started to trying to Occupy a Position here. We as one of the accessories Supplier are taking the globalize opportunity, To be a good partner of your business, To offer you better solution of Packaging, To help you set up your global supplier chain, To be your faithful friend And To build a better further together.

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KJ1007-1008 ABX hematology Bottles-3

KJ1005-6 Abbott -Beckman Hematology bottles-3

ABX Lysebio Bottles

KJ1009-1010 ABX Hematology Bottles-3

KJ1011-1012 ABX Hematology Bottles-3

ABX Cleaner Bottles

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