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Golden Rain In Reagent Bottle
- Nov 29, 2017 -

One day, a German chemical scientist saw his son bored at home. He decided to make an interesting chemistry reagent experiment to make his son happy.

First of all,the scientists  added a small amount of water in a reagent bottle, then added lead nitrate.But because lead nitrate and water will react quickly, in order to prevent their reaction, scientists added some acetic acid.Then,he scooped out a little potassium iodide by the spoon, sprinkled potassium iodide into a reagent bottle.

Then the shocking thing happened, and the water layer of the reagent bottle appeared some small gold - yellow particles. Son feel very unbelievable, because potassium iodide and lead nitrate are not gold.In the face of his son's surprise, scientists said that better looking is still behind. Then he saw that he gently shook the reagents bottle and found that the small gold particles in the inside were flutter. Then it slowly settled down, like a golden rain.

The son later found the small gold particles and the effect of the fluorescence, so he took the reagent bottle to the dark place. It is found that the reagents flask also radiate some light, like the stars in the night sky.