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Description Of Use Of Blue Cap Reagent Bottle
- Mar 04, 2018 -

The blue lid reagent bottle is used in the production of high temperature flameproof reagent bottle, transparent and colorless, transparent brown, with high borosilicate glass 3.3. This kind of glass has the characteristics of high water resistance, acid, alkali, salt solution, organic matter and halogen, and high corrosive chemicals in the chemical industry are also neutral. Low expansion coefficient (20 ℃ -- 300 ℃); 3.3: thermal shock (280 degree temperature of blast furnace) compression (1 -- 15bar), the wall thickness is even, the thinness is not less than 3mm; 50 ml to 20000 ml specification adopts unified gl45 screw nut, and the dumping of ring, it can be 140 ℃ steam heating and disinfection; Unique dumping ring design, when the liquid in the bottle is poured out, no leakage phenomenon.

The blue lid reagent bottle is produced by standard silicate glass. It has permanent preservation of enamel dial and label bit wide mouth, easy to operate; Transparent polypropylene (polypropylene) dumping ring, in solution not falling off; Blue polypropylene bottle cap; High temperature and high pressure.

Like all other products, laboratory bottles are resistant to chemical corrosion and thermal shock. The unique design of the bottle self-discharging ring avoids the leakage phenomenon. For the convenience of the user, 100 ml of the above capacity specification laboratory bottle is unified, is can replace the spiral bottle cap and the dump ring. Bottle, cap and dump ring can be sterilized.