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Common Types Of Plastic Bottles
- May 10, 2018 -

Wild-mouth bottles: It also can be called jar. This kind of bottle refers to the chemical plastic bottle with larger diameter and larger capacity, usually used in food packing. The wid-mouth bottle is mainly made of PET raw material, which is mainly transparent.

Narrow-Mouth Bottles: It refers to plastic bottles with  smaller caliber,mainly used for the packing of liquid.

Round regeant bottles: The shape of this bottle is like a straight tube. The diameter of the bottle is the same as the bottom of the bottle. Most raw materials of round bottles are PET and HDPE, and it is mainly used for packaging medicine and chemicals.

Square reagent bottles: Its usage is similar to  round bottle's, but the shape of this kind of bottle is square.

Other bottles: There are many other shapes of plastic bottles.Most of them are used for analyzers.The specific shape should be consistent with the corresponding analyzer.