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Classification Of Reagent Bottles
- Feb 21, 2018 -

Reagent bottle is also called the sampling bottle, purification and sample bottles, sterile, clean, filter, filter net, filtering and sampling, etc., are the essentials of pollution detection, it is different from other liquid sampler, literally a beverage bottle rinse rinse. The container that is cleaned by oneself is not clear in the inner cavity of the container (the cleaning level RCL value), and the ultimate test results are skeptical.

The material of reagent bottle is mostly glass, but some special reagent can not use glass to hold, will choose plastic reagent bottle to dress up.

The reagent bottle is a special container for various liquids and solid reagents in the laboratory. It has a fine mouth and a wide mouth. In order to ensure a certain strength, the bottle wall is generally thicker. The reagent bottle is divided into fine mouth, wide mouth, and colorless, brown (brown) 2 kinds, with plug and no plug. Among them, glass stopper, no matter fine mouth, wide mouth, all should have inside grind sand treatment craft. The unplug is not to grind the sand, but with a certain specification of non-glass plug, such as rubber, plastic plug, cork, etc. In recent years, various kinds of practical plastic reagent bottles have been sold, making this kind of containers rich and colorful.