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Chemical Corrosion And Thermal Shock Resistance Of Blue Cap Reagent Bottle
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Blue cap reagent bottles of resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal shock performance of chemical resistance, according to the international organization for standardization, 3585 and 4796 water resistance and standard 719 (a) Germany short pharmacopoeia la glass acid and standard level (12116), alkali resistant, 695 (2) heat resistant up to 500 ℃ has good thermal shock resistance high temperature materials, the best performance, high temperature sterilization microwave operation of quality management, ensure the stability and reliability of the product to achieve high standards, production into quality management strict, uniform wall thickness, accuracy, in accordance with the size of the glass component accurately and strictly control the tolerance and good stability

The laboratory should keep some short-term domestic drug needs, and the inflammable and explosive reagent should be placed in the cabinet. The outlet of the counter is strictly prohibited in the laboratory's total lifting of flammable liquid. A large number of reagents should be placed in reagents. General reagents, such as inorganic salts, should be kept in an orderly reagent cabinet, stored according to the course of the element cycle, or acids, bases, salts, oxides, and other categories. Storage of reagents should focus on the storage period of chemical reagents, and some reagents will gradually deteriorate during the storage process and even cause harm. For example, ether, tetrahydrofuran cycloalkene, oxygen, 6, liquid paraffin, under the condition of light, if exposed in the air to form peroxides, the longer the place is dangerous. Some of the oxygen in the oxidized air, such as benzene, phenol, chlorinated three, fes04, sodium boron, vitamins, vitamins and wires, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, etc.