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China 's Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottle Forming Method
- Jun 10, 2017 -

At present, China's pharmaceutical packaging has been gradually achieved in order to "plastic" on behalf of the "glass" change, and high-quality pharmaceutical plastic bottle promotion and application, can not be separated from the sound and reliable production equipment and reasonable plastic bottle shape Size and accuracy of the design, and a set of users meet the requirements of the standard bottle quality standards. The external shape of the plastic bottle for drug packaging is roughly rounded, square (including square or rectangular), oval and so on. Analysis of its advantages and disadvantages are as follows: round bottle of the largest application of the bottle, which is characterized by uniform bottle wall thickness, can effectively absorb the external impact energy, and the production cost is relatively low, but the circular bottle in the storage or display When the effective contact area is small; square or rectangular bottle storage placed when the effective contact area is large, good stability, but in the manufacture of the bottle prone to swell phenomenon, affecting the use and appearance quality. In the bottle manufacturing methods, the manufacture of medicinal small and medium-sized plastic bottles to squeeze blow molding and injection blow molding method, the manufacture of large bottles are used to squeeze blown or injection blow molding the main way. The current application of extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding methods to create the largest manufacturer of plastic bottles. Now the above two ways of the advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

1 Injection Blow Molding and Extrusion Blow Molding Plastic Bottle Comparison of Extrusion Blow Molding and Injection Blow Molding Plastic Bottle The difference between the two process methods is that the mold used to mold the plastic bottle in the injection molding includes the sun Mold and mold. By the injection machine under high pressure to the plastic melt into the mold cavity, open the mold cavity, the male mold must be removed from the mold to the top of the bottle. In the extrusion blow molding, to use the extrusion head shape. Blow mold mainly composed of two halves of the mold, generally do not need male mold, with the injection of compressed air inflated parison.

1.1 The characteristics of extrusion blow molding blowing compared with the extrusion blow, extrusion blow molding features: (1) blow molding machine (especially blow mold) cost less, for example, the same product when molding The cost of plastic machinery is about 1/3 or 1/2 of the injection molding machine, the production cost of the product is also low. (2) In the blow molding, the parison is molded at a lower pressure by means of an extruder and is inflated at a low pressure (mostly 0.2 to 1.0 MPa), so that the residual stress of the product is small, tensile, shock , Bending and environmental conditions such as a variety of high strain, with good performance. In the injection blow molding, the plastic melt through the high pressure (15 ~ 140 MPa) through the mold runner and gate, which will lead to uneven stress distribution. (3) blow molding grade plastic (such as PE) molecular weight than the injection grade plastic is much higher. This blow molding product has a high impact toughness and high resistance to environmental stress cracking performance, which is the production of large-capacity plastic bottles is very favorable. (4) Since the blow mold is composed of only the female mold, it is possible to change the wall thickness of the bottle body by simply adjusting the gap or the extrusion condition of the nose die, which is a product which can not accurately calculate the required wall thickness advantageous. While the injection molding, the need to change the cost of the product wall is much higher. (5) blow molding can be molded thin wall thickness of the product, such products can not be formed by the injection method. (6) blow molding can be shaped complex, irregular and for the whole type of product. The use of injection blow molding, you want to produce two or more pieces, through the buckle with, solvent bonding or ultrasonic welding, etc. together.

1.2 injection blow molding characteristics of injection blow molding features: (1) plastic melt is injected into the parison mold, which in the cavity through a certain orientation of the orientation effect. In addition, the temperature at which the billet is inflated is lower than that of the extrusion blow, and the orientation effect of the inflation can be retained more, which contributes to the improvement of the strength of the plastic bottle. (2) plastic bottle size (especially the neck thread size) high precision, easier to ensure the uniformity of the bottle wall thickness, bottle size uniform. (3) the surface of the bottle does not form a joint seam, do not need to dress in the molding, generally do not produce the corner of the remaining material, extrusion blows produced by the scrap is usually 5% to 30%. (4) bottle of high gloss, the use of transparent polymer molded bottle transparent transparent. (5) blow mold can be set on the sliding bottom module, so the bottom of the bottle shape design flexibility. More suitable for forming rigid plastic bottles and wide mouth plastic bottles. (6) injection molding must have a parison mold and blow mold two molds, and the mold requires high, so the injection blow molding mold cost is higher, about 2 to 3 times the extrusion blow molding. As the parison mold cavity melt pressure is higher (10 ~ 40 MPa), so blown bottle residual stress is high, and the parison mold required clamping force. Most of the smaller volume of the bottle (usually 10 ~ 300 mL), can not shape the complex shape of the product, the energy consumption was significantly higher. In the packaging of the drug, the degree of sealing of the bottle directly affects the safety of the drug within the validity period of the drug, and the injection blow molding method is advantageous to ensure the accuracy of the mouth and thread size and the appearance size, Drug packaging requirements, to prevent the bottle of drugs by external substances pollution, so the State Drug Administration as early as the "Ninth Five-Year" period on the proposed injection molding method used to produce high-quality medicinal plastic bottles.

2 plastic bottle shape and physical and chemical properties of the detection of the appearance of the bottle: the appearance of plastic bottles, including the overall shape of the bottle, including the overall shape, surface color, gloss, appearance quality and other people feel the quality of visual effects. Appearance quality inspection is based on the various parts of the plastic bottle defects are different, developed a different appearance of the standard defects. The quality of the appearance of the bottle is usually marked with the minimum allowable limit or make a standard sample, the best standard for each defective one, in order to verify the comparison. But the overall requirements of the plastic bottle, the appearance of the quality should be uniform milky white color, not a significant color, the surface of the bottle should be smooth, smooth, not allowed to have deformation and obvious scratches, not allowed to have trachoma, Bubble, bottle mouth parts should be smooth, with the cap with a good match. Appearance of the bottle body size: the production of medicinal plastic bottles of different precision equipment, the selection of raw materials and process parameters, the appearance of the size of the accuracy changes will be different. Generally use the same equipment, the same raw materials and molding methods to produce plastic bottles, should be stored in the constant temperature indoor temperature of 23 ° ± 2 ° for a certain period of time and then measured, and in the stable process conditions, the appearance of the control product The design dimensions of the different parts of the design are measured. Focus on measuring the appearance of several dimensions are:

(1) the overall height of the plastic bottle size measurement: the so-called bottle body height is the size of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle to the bottom of the vertical distance, the test method is to put the plastic bottle in the horizontal plane, the vernier caliper - The highest point, then rotate the bottle 360 °, read the maximum and minimum size values, and the design size is consistent with the control. For example, 40 ~ 60 mL bottle height dimension error should be controlled within ± 0.5 mm.

(2) plastic bottle outside the diameter of the measurement: the specific measurement method is to measure the tool scale across the center of the bottle, to avoid the bottle body mold line position, the spindle close to the mouth thread, the circle Shaped mouth rotation 360 °, measured the maximum and minimum, and with the bottle design comparison, the outer diameter error should be controlled in the soil 0.1 mm range.

(3) the shape of the plastic bottle diameter measurement: the measurement method is to use the vernier caliper measurement surface contact with the bottle of the largest diameter measurement, tighten the vernier caliper, and then turn the plastic bottle 360 °, and record the maximum and minimum Value of the size, the error should be controlled in the range of 0.l mm.

(4) Measurement of wall thickness of various parts of plastic bottle: For the medicinal plastic bottle of circular rotary body, the measurement area of symmetrical part is cut with cutting tool, so that the measurement tool can go to the detection of various parts of the bottle Point, then the thickness of the plastic bottle, the thickness of the shoulder, the thickness of the body, the thickness of the bottom of the bottle at the bottom of the symmetrical parts of the strict measurement and record the maximum and minimum, the control bottle product design drawings, Check whether the dimensional tolerances are within the standard requirements. Physical and chemical properties of medicinal plastic bottles: physical and chemical properties of plastic bottles of the main items are heavy metal test, non-volatile residue test, incineration residue test, reductive material test, sealing performance test, oscillation performance test, Water vapor permeability test and abnormal toxicity test and bacterial culture test. The above test items are in accordance with the relevant YY0057-91 solid medicinal polyolefin plastic bottles within the standard sampling method, regular sampling test, if all of these test items to meet the requirements and meet the requirements, will be able to ensure that the medicinal plastic bottle packaging Good barrier properties, health performance, sealing and safety performance, can guarantee that the drug does not degenerate during the period of validity.

3 injection blow molding the development of the external shape of the shape of the trend of injection molding small and medium-sized plastic bottle neck at the shape of the thread was trapezoidal thread (single head) to the semi-circular multi-head fine thread development. The use of this bottle thread in the form of the main consideration to ensure good interlocking cap, because the drug packaging moisture resistance to a large extent depends on the bottle and the bottle with the tightness, here is a reflection of the bottle seal Performance is the main parts of the pros and cons. Plastic bottles should be installed after the use of adjustable torque-sized capping machine to screw cap, the torque can be selected according to the standard root Yu bottle diameter selection. To ensure that the size of the bottle and the lid with the accuracy of resistance to moisture is an important prerequisite for steam, and capping is tight is the key to good or bad resistance. In order to ensure the safety of medication, we must first improve the sealing of the mouth, increase the effect of resistance to moisture. At present, most manufacturers are in the plastic bottle at the use of aluminum foil gasket electromagnetic induction sealing, greatly increasing the sealing performance of plastic bottles. From the perspective of the bottleneck of the round plastic bottle and the shoulder of the shoulder, the neck and shoulder are made up of two tangential circular radii and divided into two sets of rotary rotors from the tangent point. The main factor affecting the strength of the bottle shoulder is the shoulder angle of the shoulder, when the shoulder is too flat when the bottle is easy to produce collapse collapse. If the shoulder length here is 10 mm, the shoulder inclination angle should be greater than 15 °, the thickness of this part should not be less than 1 mm (referring to small bottle), there are still thickening tendencies to ensure that in the possession of drugs and the use of The process of the body does not occur shoulder broken phenomenon. If the bottle is a cylindrical rounded body, the requirements of the bottle is uniform wall thickness, the bottle wall is too thick will increase the weight of the bottle, raw material consumption increases, while the bottle increased stress and post-contraction will increase The The bottle is too thin and difficult to blow molding and low strength, and the requirements are in addition to the mouth of the ribs and screw parts at the thicker than the bottle, the other parts of the wall thickness should be uniform - caused. However, in order to improve the plastic bottle barrier and strength, bottle thickness design value range of l.5 ~ 2 mm, the current thickness to thickening tend to develop. The bottom of the plastic bottle at the bottom of the bottom or flat double-angle angle structure, because the base of the bottom of the bottom of the bottle to the bottle raised, the formation of arch points, can increase the bottle's internal pressure resistance, and to ensure the stability of the bottle Sex. The blow molding also avoids plastic collapse and uniformity of the bottom of the bottle, while the bottom of the flat bottom of the bottom of the structure for the majority of large plastic bottles, it can better withstand the pressure from the bottle inside.

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