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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Medicinal Glass Bottles And Medicinal Plastic Bottles
- Jun 10, 2017 -

Now the drug market is the most common drug packaging is glass packaging and plastic bottle packaging, then the following I would like to introduce the medicinal glass bottle packaging and medicinal plastic bottle packaging advantages and disadvantages:

Medicinal glass bottle packaging excellent barrier, can add non-ferrous metal salt to improve shading, to meet the special needs of drugs is good chemical stability, acid corrosion, do not pollute the built-in property; smooth and transparent; modeling beautiful can be recycled, low cost The However, the container weight and capacity ratio of large, crisp and fragile, energy consumption is not much alkali corrosion.

Medicinal plastic bottle packaging with light weight, easy to break, easy to use, the gas has a blocking effect, water and oil, different plastics and plastic materials and other materials easy to complex, mature molding process. But its poor heat resistance, waste is not easy to break down or deal with, easily lead to environmental pollution.


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