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plastic Vaginal douche consumables

plastic Vaginal douche consumables

Our company is specialized in manufacturing various plastic bottles in HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS, ABS material, mainly in reagent bottles,medicine bottles, dropper bottles,lab consumablesand so on.

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Product Details

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Product details

1.Dispasable Vaginal Irrigator connects the irrigation pipe conveniently,


3.the irrigation points are smooth and clear.

4. medical grade, EO sterile

5.Instruction of use: Before use, the users must read the usage manual, and then open 

the irrigator, put into liquid medicine, with some warm boiled water to some chroma. Revolve

 the lid,then put the irrigator into the vagina, jundied the irrigator,then put it out.


1.Type: with ripple bursa


3.Model Number: 150ml-KJ4070,100ml-KJ4072,50ml-KJ4073,30ml-KJ4071, 

4.Material: HDPE

5.Function: vaginal examination and treatment.

6.Instruction of use: Before use, the users must read the usage manual, 

and then open the irrigator, put into liquid medicine,with some warm boiled 

water to some chroma. Revolve the lid,then put the irrigator into the vagina, jundied the irrigator,

then put it out.

7. Sterilization: EO sterile, sterile, non-toxic, and pyrogen free

8. product structure: sphere for storing fluid drug, irrigation pipe

9.Property: Dispasable Vaginal Irrigator connects the irrigation pipe conveniently

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