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Two requirements for the selection of high borosilicate reagents bottles
- Jul 29, 2018 -

The high boron silicon silk mouth reagent bottle is used widely in the experiment. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and the oral liquid industry of health products. Therefore, the safety problem is a very important problem. The chemical stability of the bottle of high borosilicate reagents is good, it will not be easily chemically reacted with the corrosion of the internal material, and it is worth the reagent bottle. The problem that the manufacturer wants to study.

The high borosilicate reagents bottle is produced by high boron silicon with stable chemical properties and stable chemical properties. The chemical properties of the glass are stable and processed in strict accordance with the quality requirements of the State Food and drug administration. The processing and production of high borosilicate glass can be divided into molding production and control production. High borosilicate reagents with high borosilicate compared with other containers, high borosilicate reagents have good chemical stability and durability, which is also a place where high borosilicate is superior to other materials.

In the production of high borosilicate reagents bottle products, different system standards will be formed in the production of high borosilicate reagents bottles, which provide sufficient basis and conditions for the selection of scientific and reasonable glass containers for all kinds of drugs. Two important requirements for selecting high borosilicate reagent bottle are good chemical properties and stability.

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