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The advantages and disadvantages of PET plastic bottles
- Oct 28, 2016 -

The advantages of PET plastic bottles: PET plastic bottle is better than glass beer bottles on security; PET plastic bottle is light, easy to transport over long distances, for beer companies can save on shipping costs; Portability of PET plastic bottles PET plastic bottle of beer is better than glass bottles and cans, novelty, can adapt to young people seeking psychological; Brown, oxygen barrier PET plastic bottle filling beer or in the sterilization unit premium beer, premium beer can improve the appearance of the image; PET plastic bottle type and capacity selection of more flexible, can produce a different bottle sizes, different volumes of products, rich product varieties.

Defects of PET plastic bottles: PET plastic bottles for beer filling equipment adaptability was poor. PET bottle washing machine for plastic bottle can not be cleaned, wash only with sterile water for high pressure, bottle of sterility cannot be guaranteed (especially after long-term storage of bottles); not heat-proof PET plastic bottles through pasteurization machine, higher requirements on packing aseptic conditions; The labeling of PET plastic bottles have differences with existing modes of vial labeling, required labeling machine.