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Standard Test Method for Sealability of Medicinal Plastic Bottles
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Medicinal plastic bottles with its light weight, high strength, good sealing and pressure resistance advantages, is gradually replacing the medicinal glass bottles, is widely used in oral solid medicine and liquid medicine packaging areas. However, due to the complex composition of drugs, different performance, storage conditions harsh, so the requirements of plastic bottles are more stringent.

Medicinal plastic bottles are mainly used PP, HDPE, PET three kinds of materials, this paper will be from the above materials, plastic bottles of the standard requirements, a brief introduction to the medicinal plastic bottle sealing test method.

Sealing performance refers to the reliability of sealed plastic bottles, through this test to ensure the integrity of the entire product packaging seal. In order to ensure that the drug is not damp within the validity period, no deterioration, medicinal plastic bottles should have a good seal, the relevant national standards have made clear provisions.

Test method: take a certain number of medicinal plastic bottles, bottles filled with the right amount of glass beads, with NJY-20 torque meter or force wrench to tighten the cap, the specific cap torque value refer to the table below

Cover diameter (mm) Torque (N · cm)

15 ~ 2259 ~ 78

23 ~ 4898 ~ 118

49 ~ 70147 ~ 176

The medicinal plastic bottle was then placed in a container with an evacuation device, immersed in water, evacuated to a vacuum of 27 kPa for 2 minutes, and there was no water or bubbling in the bottle.

Labthink blue light MFY-01 sealed tester, negative pressure vacuum test, the experimental process only need to enter the appropriate pressure value and time, the instrument can be fully automated test, easy to operate. The vacuum chamber was evacuated to make the sample immersed in water to produce internal and external pressure difference, and the gas outside the sample was visually observed to determine the sealing performance of the sample. The shape of the specimen after the expansion and release of the specimen was observed , In order to determine the overall packaging sealing performance.

Summary, through the above tests, enterprises can be through the plastic bottles of plastic barrier and sealing performance monitoring; In addition, the appearance of the plastic bottle appearance, microbiological indicators such as detection control. Through a comprehensive quality monitoring, regulating the production process to ensure the quality of the product, thus avoiding the quality of packaging products brought about by the quality problems.


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