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Plastic bottle for food (canned) products shopping, using common sense
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Foods commonly used characteristics of all kinds of plastic bottles, for correct choice of food bottles is very important, because food bottle material, determine the basic characteristics of food bottles. Food bottle with the same or similar shape, due to the different material, may have a tremendous difference in its performance. For example, poly carbonate ester blow plastic bottle and General of polyester stretch blow plastic bottle, are has extremely good of transparency and gloss degrees, in appearance Shang is is similar of, but poly carbonate ester bottle of resistance high temperature performance highlight (can suffered 120 ℃ above of high temperature disinfection), but barrier performance poor; and General polyester stretch blow plastic bottle barrier performance good, but heat performance poor (General recommended in 60 ℃ following of temperature Xia using. Heat-resistant polyester stretch blow molding bottle).