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Nine categories of commonly used instrument container of junior middle school chemistry experiment summary
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1,the direct heat: tube pan, burn key, the Crucible

2,can receive hot: beakers, flasks (heated, needs asbestos network)

3,used to store medicines out of instruments: wide-mouth bottles (solid), narrow-mouth bottles (liquid) and bottle (a small amount of liquid), the set of cylinders (gas)

4,heating instruments: an alcohol lamp

5,instrument of measurement: pallet scales (weighing), graduated cylinder (volume) instrument

6,separate instruments:funnel

7,used instruments: medicine spoon (small powder or granular), tweezers (massive or larger particles), plastic head dropper (a small amount of liquid)

8,the holding instruments: test tube holder, iron (iron clip, ring), Crucible tongs

9,other equipment: a long neck funnel, asbestos mesh, glass rod, tube brush, a sink