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Memory liquid cooling tube
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Memory circuit in power, around the electrostatic effect. Electrostatic effects are small silicone tube adsorption of dust particles in the air to the memory chip and PCB Board on the surface, and over time may be due to the dust of the huge silicone tube resulting in decreased memory thermal efficiency and even chip pins short circuit.

Added with silicone tube thermal tablets of memory products by used of full surrounded thermal tablets design and thermal rubber article effective of sealed live has memory of chip and circuit, makes dust cannot into thermal tablets internal, guarantee memory of chip and PCB Board not by dust of invasion so-called water thermal is to pump for power, let water liquid in silicone tube in flow, in sucking hot cold head and thermal row pump Zhijian cycle. -Hot water cold head hot hardware heat pass through the cooling liquid to the heat exhaust, cooling with fan after the exhaust to lower the temperature of the liquid circulating pumps continue to absorb hot water cooled head.

Above the water is at room temperature, depending on water cycle remove heat, silicone tube selection and application techniques and temperature through a total fan out. And liquid nitrogen is through a special machine to reduce the temperature below zero, in order to achieve better overclocking results. However, the silicone tube this method cost is high, the machine is relatively large, and only some overclocking enthusiasts prefer to use.