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Medicinal glass bottle with the gap international
- Oct 28, 2016 -

China is now in a period of rapid development in economy and technology, pharmaceutical exports increased, foreign medicinal glass bottle on the packaging quality is more and more seriously, medicinal glass bottle production in China in recent years have made a great deal of development, compared with the similar products, medicinal glass bottle produced in the world is there is a big gap.

First of all, I think that we should improve on the test method for the qualitative and semi-quantitative to quantitative and qualitative development. According to the scale for the product-for-product team with the necessary measuring equipment. Die pharmaceutical glass bottles can be divided into the jar and narrow-necked bottles of two categories. Although most low boron-silicon glass of water resistance of granule for level 1, level 2, but if the amount of precipitation from the micro alkali, is several times larger than the international neutral glass.

Glass glaze and ceramic glazes, as printed on the products you will need by decorating (fire) can be securely fixed to the product surface. Because of the limited technology in China, has been unable to scale to produce water resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance strong international neutral glass, should be a gradual transition in the future, focusing on the development of international neutral glass.