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How to better identify quality of glass
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Cheng Zhuang food, medicines, health bottles, reagent bottles, determines the best quality requirements for product quality in the Cheng Zhuang empty bottles we have to be a rigorous product testing, eliminating unqualified, filling. But most manufacturers are using to test for the empty glass bottle quality, inefficient, slow, labor intensive. Machine vision is perfect for mass production in the process of measurement, inspection and identification of linear array CCD in a continuous application of online measurement, scan has many advantages. Machine vision inspection method can greatly improve the automation of production, and easy to implement information integration of machine vision, can greatly improve product quality, improve production efficiency. So, test the highly repetitive work for glass bottles, computer vision theory to develop a glass bottle inspection devices automate your empty bottle inspection is of great significance in practice.

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