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Disposable specimen bag in the use and advantages of operating room introduction
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1 specimen bags made of plastic materials, specifications and structure, divided into 3 specifications: large (30cmx25cmx15cm), medium (20cmx15cmx10cm), trumpet (10cmx10cmx5cm). Pocket cryptographic sealing, bag end to make the base, outside the bag label, made from single-sided adhesive.

2 use the pathological specimens in the proper bag, mounted specimens after the fixative will seal the letter, indicated on the label of the bag outside the patient's name, the pathology requisition number, hospital number, name of the specimen, application form sent with pathology pathology testing.

3 advantages one-time specimens bags using Hou, label clear, packaging specification, makes specimens management more figure 1 one-time specimens bags schematic added specification, put an end to has many errors and accident of occurred; improved bags mouth of sealed sex Hou, bags in the of fixed liquid not pour turned, reduced has environment of pollution and the cross infection of occurred, standardized management also promote has operating room and Pathology section Zhijian of solidarity collaboration.