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Detection of barrier properties of pharmaceutical plastic bottles
- Apr 28, 2017 -

Medicinal plastic bottles with its light weight, high strength, good sealing and pressure resistance advantages, is gradually replacing the medicinal glass bottles, is widely used in oral solid medicine and liquid medicine packaging areas. However, due to the complex composition of drugs, different performance, storage conditions harsh, so the requirements of plastic bottles are more stringent.

Medicinal plastic bottles are mainly used PP, HDPE, PET three kinds of materials, this paper will be from the above materials, plastic bottles of the standard requirements, a brief introduction to the medicinal plastic bottle barrier properties and sealing test method

Barrier performance testing

Barrier performance refers to the packaging material on the gas, liquid and other permeate barrier effect. Test items include two types of gas and water vapor transmission performance testing. Oxygen and water vapor is an important factor affecting the quality of drugs, if the medicinal plastic bottle barrier performance is not good, will inevitably lead to excessive exposure to drugs due to oxygen and water vapor deterioration problems, which requires enterprises to medicinal plastic bottles Barrier properties for testing.

(1) oxygen permeability detection

Labthink R & D and production of PERME BWI OX2 / 230 oxygen permeability test system, the use of isobaric test principle, through the accompanying container test accessories, can help enterprises to carry out drug oxygen bottle oxygen permeability index detection.

The pre-treated blister sample is placed in the test chamber. Oxygen flows outside the medicinal plastic bottle. High purity nitrogen flows inside the plastic bottle. Due to the presence of oxygen concentration gradient, oxygen molecules pass through the membrane from the plastic bottle , The flowing nitrogen is carried to the sensor, and the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor is analyzed to calculate the oxygen permeability and other parameters to evaluate the oxygen resistance of the test sample. The

OX2 / 230 equipment comes with constant temperature and humidity control function, the entire test process computer control, automatic test, the user simply clamp the sample, click on the test can be fully automated test, the end of the experiment automatically determine and issue a test report.

(2) water vapor permeability test

Water vapor permeation testing can be performed using the PERME BMI W3 / 330 water vapor transmission rate test system.

The equipment uses the electrolytic sensor test principle, that is, the pre-treated medicinal plastic bottle placed in the test chamber, a certain degree of humidity nitrogen in the plastic bottle outside the flow, high purity nitrogen in the plastic bottle inside the flow, due to the presence of humidity gradient , Water vapor molecules through the film from the outside of the plastic bottle spread to the inside of the high purity nitrogen, the flow of nitrogen carried to the sensor, through the sensor to measure the water vapor concentration analysis, to calculate the water vapor permeability and other parameters To evaluate the water vapor permeability of the test medicinal plastic bottle.


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