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Cosmetic plastic bottles more popular causes
- Oct 28, 2016 -

Various businesses in order to expand sales of their products, want occupies a strong position in the market, in the cosmetics packaging is of foot work. Constantly looking for high quality packaging to enhance product value. According to the related survey, current cosmetic plastic bottles are sought after by people previously are based on glass bottles for cosmetic packaging, and now gradually be replaced by plastic bottles. Both in material and in shape, quality of plastic bottles will not lose to glass bottles. According to the different stages of age of consumer psychology from bottle to bottle a full range of design different sizes, different styles and different levels of product packaging. Compared to traditional glass bottle, plastic bottle packaging is more lightweight, also brought a lot of convenience for transport. Some liquid in the cosmetic packaging in the market, often choose packing containers are mainly various shapes in small glass bottles and plastic bottles. CAP is a plastic cover, and functional design, such as we see dumped movable type such as, so that we can use.