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Common industrial brush types and applications
- Oct 28, 2016 -

1 the main use of dust brush dust brush is mounted on industrial equipment, assembly line, doors, Windows and other parts of the inlet and outlet, to prevent dust from drilling through these gaps, pollution equipment and products, so the filament itself is has high elasticity, filament surface lubrication is better, best also has antistatic features.

2 polishing brush polishing brush main used to on by throwing object of surface for to Burr, and fine polished, processing, so to for different of requirements to decided brush silk of type and the characteristics, if is strong hardness of plate, needed do surface plating polishing of, that most ideal of brush silk should is green copper wire, if is general metal for surface to rust and to Burr processing, that used hardness better of wire can.

3 clear wash clear wash is most general with to of industrial roll brush, General for agricultural and sideline products processing of fruits and vegetables cleaning and industrial Shang of General cleaning and dust to scale, on brush silk of requirements to wear performance better, elastic high also to anti-corrosion and aging, long time job easily deformation, if brush silk performance bad, dang long time will object in a a location Shi will caused brush roll appeared concave slot, damage has roll brush of using function, serious of even can caused whole article brush roll scrap