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Application of cullet in glass bottle production
- Oct 28, 2016 -

We all know glass packaging containers of both health and environmental protection, health we know say it mainly because of the chemical stability of glass does not produce harmful substances, said that environmental protection is mainly reflected in those areas? Then we must start from the recycling of he talked.

In the production of glass bottles, recycled glass and glass recycling is the raw material will not be used in a variety of glass packaging waste as the manufacture of glass products to add ingredients. Glass products not only are glass bottles, but also includes other products such as building materials and daily-use glass products wastes. Raw materials in the right amount of crushed glass to glass manufacturing, because broken glass compared with other raw material melting at lower humidity. Recycling glass bottles require less heat, and wear can reduce the furnace. Studies have shown that in the manufacture of glass bottles, mixed with about 30% of broken glass is the most suitable, so it can improve the utilization of recycled glass, enhancing environmental protection.