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AACC exhibition 2017——Today,We Are the Focus
- Aug 04, 2017 -

AACC exhibition 2017——Today,We Are the Focus

AACC has been successfully concluded,  more than more than 700 enterprises have participated in this exhibition, of which Chinese enterprises may be no less than 150.This exhibition is not only the international platform for  exhibitors show  enterprises and products, but also grand meeting for  exhibitors to negotiate and cooperate.


Kang-jia Enterprise has comprehensively displayed of the company's scientific research strength during this exhibition.A wide variety of products have attracted a large number of audience.Our exhibitors warmly welcome  experts and distributors of same industry from all over the world and negotiate with them.


By participating in this exhibition, we have understood the actual needs of present market demand and customers, which can provide reference for future product development, market development strategy adjustment.At the same time, Kang-jia has strengthened exchanges and cooperation with overseas customers, and also shared new ideas, technologies and information, introduced advanced technology and management experience,which helps Kang-jia  take the opportunity to further expand the international market.


Our successful conclusion of this exhibition, thanks to the whole team of pioneer dragon cooperation, is the result of joint efforts of the whole team. Whether preliminary preparation, planning, or sample selection and transportation, or sending invitations, is the result of teamwork.